pgreaper 1.0.0 Documentation

PostgreSQL Default Settings

Before uploading to Postgres, you may want to configure the default connection settings. If default settings are provided, PGReaper can use these to create new databases so you won’t have to create them manually.

Reading From Compressed (ZIP) Files

PGReaper is capable of copying specific files located in ZIP archives without decompressing them. (If you are interested in reading in GZIP, BZIP, or LZMA compressed files, use the compression parameter on the copy_csv() function.)

The Table Data Structure

PGReaper contains a two-dimensional data structure creatively named Table. These are lightweight structures which are built on Python’s list containers but contain a lot of features for easily mapping them into SQL tables.

HTML Parsing

pgreaper contains a rich HTML parsing module featuring automated <table> parsing and Jupyter notebook integration. Because it is a large module on its own, it has its own documentation page.


Information for maintainers and forkers of pgreaper.